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Another Belichick is coaching. Fear the hoodie.


Phillips Andover grad Amanda Belichick is an assistant coach for the women’s lax team at the Ohio State University. The Buckeyes are at Gillette Stadium to play in a women’s lax event against perennial women’s lax powerhouse Northwestern University (coached by Thayer Academy grad Kelly Amonte Hiller).

The prep tree grows wider, as Amanda Belichick has two brothers who have played prep school lax: Stephen, who played at The Rivers School, and Brian, who played at Suffield.

Check out that stare in the huddle. Does it remind you of anyone?


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Pink Pineapple – Thames Street, Newport

Siren’s Melody

Allie Drift Legacy

Cape Knot Dock

Preps, Mother’s Day is coming up soon. You know that mom appreciates whatever you get her, but think outside the box. Instead of getting her flowers or a spa gift certificate, check out this swag from the Pink Pineapple in Newport, RI.

Look at it this way: she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness, your mom will look cool decked out in some coastal  swag, and it will be at least a month before she gets the Visa bill and wondes what the charge was for.

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Boston Lax

A new website entitled, Boston LAX, has recently launched covering all things Massachusetts lacrosse.  The website includes rankings by division, player rankings, game calenders and commit lists (with the ability to sort by school in order to track your favorite ISL powerhouse).  From the looks of the site it has just gotten off the ground, but already it is shaping up to be pretty a neat website for Bay State laxers.  BBN’s own Chris Coady `12 stands atop the Top 25 Poles, while Gov’s Sam Davis `12 and Seb’s Jack Connolly `12 hold #1 and #2 respectively for Top 30 Middies. Check out Boston LAX here.

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Barbour Releases Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Barbour, a classic British outerwear manufacturer and importer just announced their new Spring/Summer 2012 jacket styles. Barbour is well known for their superior waterproof coating on their outerwear. Considering they’ve splashed these bright colors into their line, it might be a good purchase for the rainy days these next few months. Whether you’re walking from class to class, building to building, or walking your dog in the Hamptons, it never hurts to stay dry and comfortable in the elements. Check out some of Barbour’s other products here.

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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

Where's the lettuce?

…Mick MacLavarty of Hotchkiss and Northfield-Mt. Hermon.

This is my first stab at writing about a celebrity prep school grad, so I had to go with Brantford Winstonworth, the Ultimate Lax Bro, the alter-ego of Mick MacLaverty. For those of you who don’t know him, MacLaverty went to NMH and Hotchkiss before moving on to St. Lawrence University and their men’s varsity lax team. Inspired by a club lax duster who left a D3 college to play club lax at a school with a DI varsity lax program while claiming that he was taking his lax career to the “DI Club level.”

When it came out, the ULB video was an instant classic. Unfortunately, the “Ultimate Lax Bro” style got copied by so many public school dusters that totally missed the whole prep school angle and thought it was just about wearing a lax pinnie and shades. With the ULB merchanding that MacLaverty sold to LacrosseUnlimited, the ULB lost it’s appeal to most prep school kids who lax. It would have been far better to have not gone viral, but to have stayed an inside joke amongst prep school laxers from New England.

My favorite part is when he split dodges the girl in the hallway in the original.

Watch for yourself and you decide.

Ultimate Lax Bro (the original)

Ultimate Lax Bro II (the visit)

 Favorite Quotes: “Nantucket. Acklax, my first screen name when I was a little kid.” “Preakness? Yea never been to it. I heard it’s fun though. My parents cater the whole thing. Could I go? Yes, but I usually don’t have enough friends to go with.” “This summer I was pretty busy. I ran a couple camps. I didn’t really work much, I just kinda chilled out.” “I’m not really sure if anyone in my family has donated a building here, which is kinda rare for me anywhere on the east coast.” “I’m clearly a product of the New England Prep School world.”

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Celebrate Spring with Sammy Adams


I haven’t posted any music in a while, but came across this new video by Sammy Adams and thought it be a good share. Sammy Adams graduated the Beaver Country Day School in Chestnut Hill, MA a few years back and then went on to play soccer at Trinity College in CT. Sounds a lot like the path of most Boston area prep school grads. Below is my favorite Sam Adams video. It’s also the first day of Spring and most preps are taking a break from the classroom on the beaches further south, so I felt it was appropriate. 


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Spring Sports Are Just Around The Corner!


Although southern prep school’s Spring seasons are mostly underway, the Mid-Atlantic and North East are just getting rolling. Lots of teams are headed south for preseason training this year. Look around Tampa for some prep school lax this week. Here’s a taste of prep school lacrosse in New England this Spring.

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The Blue Magic hoodie by Unruly Heir


I really like this seersucker hoodie by Unruly Heir. Island spun threads meet the Big Apple’s streets. Palm Beach meets Rockefeller Place. Get the relaxed yet edgy feeling you’ve been looking for with the Blue Magic Hoodie by Unruly Heir. Perfect for any event whether it’s on the streets, on the beach, or even with a tie.


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Woman’s Wedges Are Back!

Why let the guys have all the fun…

The “Wedge” Collar by johnnie-O is setting the new standard for style and comfort. This pique polo shirt has all the flair and innovation you’ll ever want, yet the classic, traditional look that you desire.

The “long” version is about 1.5 inches longer than our original Women’s Wedge collar polo.

95% Cotton/5% Spandex.

Ladies, if you go to prep school, hit the links, wear The “Wedge” Collar, or all the above hit me up. The “Wedge” Collar by johnie-O is something I am really digging on prep school girls this Spring. Click the photo above to get your hands on a “Wedge” Collar today!

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Paul Rabil rocking J.J. Threads

Although Paul Rabil went to a catholic school, not quite a prep school, I’m still gonna share this with ya’ll. 

It’s fair to say Paul Rabil is the face of lacrosse. He has taken its somewhat violent reputation and made it stylish with the help of J.J. Threads. Paul Rabil’s style inspired the New York Times to write a headline asking, “Can Paul Rabil Make Lacrosse Sexy?” And we all know what the answer is.

If you haven’t already, checkout J.J. Threads’ background info–it’s a great story. If you want to purchase the shirt Paul Rabil is wearing or design your own, just click on one of the pictures above or the J.J. Threads Ad on the sidebar for 20% off your purchase.

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