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Buckingham, Browne & Nichols football lineman Connaughton commits to Penn

From’s High School Sports Blog

By Phil Perry, Globe Correspondent

Senior two-way lineman Dan Connaughton of Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School committed to University of Pennsylvania on Friday. The 6-foot-3, 272-pound All-ISL and All-New England player from Lincoln had eight scholarship offers, including from Temple University and the University of Massachusetts.

“Dan had 11 schools heavily recruiting him,” BB&N coach John Papas said in an email. “In the end though, Dan and his family thought Penn was the right fit. He will have a great career in Philly and also get a world class education.”

Connaughton is the latest of a strong class of BB&N linemen to declare. Offensive tackles Eric Olson (Northwestern) of Sudbury and Chris Mackey (Amherst) of Newton made their commitments last year.

Another ISL football player helping to make NCAA football a smarter place. Watch the video. He is a one man wrecking crew.

BB&N just keeps cranking them out. How many baseball commits will they have this year? 

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Getting Super Bowl Fever, or I Wanna Gronk!

The Giants may have prep school legends Eli Manning (Isidore Newman Prep), and Victor Cruz (Bridgton Academy), but the Patriots have Gronk. If his is close to 100%, he’s good for two touchdowns and some epic spikes. 


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Everyone on the Tea Partay

I know that this video was released back in 2006 and is already over 6,000,000 views, but it’s funny and worth listening to. I love the line about “we may be vanilla but our labs are chocolate!”

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54 year old woman to perform at Superbowl. Wait, what?

So Madonna will be performing next Sunday night. That is pretty gross. She must be somebody’s grandmother by now, but she is out there acting like she is Britney Spears (back before Britney looked like she got that big KFC endorsement contract).

Here’s a good video with Madonna getting bounced around in the backseat of a BMW M5. It’s actually a lot better than that sounded. The video was directed by Guy Ritchie, who directed “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,” and “Snatch,” plus the Sherlock Holmes movies. 

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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

…Bill Belichick of Phillips Andover. Many people may not know who this guy is, but he is coaching a football team playing in a “big game” next weekend. He has won big games a few times. No big deal.

Just kidding. He is a coaching god, huge lacrosse fan and father of three prep school grads. More people know him as the Jedi-master coach from the New England Patriots, just rocking swag wherever he goes. Check out his Team Bass Masster lacrosse swag and legit hardware from the Patriots below.

Anyone who can email me with the name of his boat which is docked off the ACK gets a prize.

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SAT cheating is exposed but not punished

Published on January 26, 2012
A recent expose in the New York Times has uncovered an SAT cheating ring in the United States.  Five students from different high schools in Nassau County in Long Island, New York were paid up to $3,600 to take the tests for 15 other students. These were students who wanted to get into university but had low test scores, below-average marks, unembellished resumes, and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to pay the high price that these test takers charge.  The 15 students who hired the test-takers have now been charged with summary conviction offences, while the five test-takers have been charged with indictable offences. The crimes were uncovered when a student at Great Neck North  High School confided to a guidance counselor that someone was being paid to take the SAT for others.  The principal of the school compared student’s GPA to SAT scores and noticed discrepancies for multiple students, particularly those who had taken the SAT at a different school so they would not be recognized.  The students were arrested in September of 2011, but they were not charged until December.  The school administration found it difficult to prove that cheating had occurred because College Board, the company that administers the tests, was reluctant to release information about the students. At the centre of the scandal is Samuel Eshaghoff, a 2010 graduate of Great Neck North High School in Long Island, who allegedly took the SAT or ACT for fifteen other students over the course of three years, guaranteeing his clients high enough scores to gain university acceptances. Eshaghoff – now a student at Emory University in Atlanta – will not face criminal charges for his acts. In lieu of a prison sentence, he has been sentenced to tutor underprivileged youth on their SATS. Eshaghoff admitted that while his family is wealthy, they are currently in financial and personal distress, which might explain the motivation behind his willingness to take the tests for other high school students.  Eshaghoff also revealed “altruistic” intentions in the 60 Minutes episode when he described himself as “saving someone’s life” by taking the test for them.  “I mean, a kid who has a horrible grade-point average, who – no matter how much he studies – is gonna totally bomb this test, by giving him an amazing score, I totally give him this . . . new lease on life. He’s gonna go to a totally new college. He’s gonna be bound for a totally new career and a totally new path on life.”
The NY kids who cheated on the SAT by hiring someone to take the test for them have already been punished, but this Eshagoff kid should be kicked out of Emory. How is it that he got away free on this? Oh yeah, he has to “tutor” underprivileged kids on taking the SAT. “Look kid, just find a wicked smart kid and pay him a couple of grand, and you are off to Harvard.”
Here are all of my friends, classmates and me, taking SAT classes up the wazoo and he’s helping kids to cheat on the test and not getting punished for it. That is BS.
Hopefully “altruistic” doesn’t show up on my SAT this weekend. If one of the choices is “explanation offered by a scumbag to deflect criticism for trying to dishonestly make money,” I might choose that as an answer.


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National Prep School Invitational should be hoops madness

Check out for details!

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Thirty of the country’s top prep school basketball teams, up to 100 college coaches on hand to evaluate prospects, and several NBA scouts will gather for the 14th annual National Prep School Invitational.

Held at Rhode Island College from Thursday, February 2 through Sunday, February 5, the nation’s elite exposure event will once again have its top games broadcasted on COX Sports.

With an upwards of 50 players impressively already committed to colleges, the event’s main goal is to provide a springboard for many more to join that group.

The featured young talent competing ranges all the way from the traditional powers of the New England Prep School Athletic Conference to as far as the Canarias Basketball Academy of the Canary Islands.

Highlighting the field is last year’s National Prep Championship Tournament winner St. Thomas More (CT) and NEPSAC champion Maine Central Institute (ME). Previous titleholders Brewster Academy (NH), Bridgton Academy (ME), Notre Dame Prep (MA) and Tilton School (NH) return as well.

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Prep school entrepreneurs introduce Boston Rockhoppers pro lax team

The Boston Rockhoppers are the newest team in the newly formed North American Lacrosse League. The NALL will start playing soon, and the team is owned by two Babson College grads.

Co-owner Tyler Low graduated from Noble & Greenough and was a 4 year player for Babson’s lax team, while co-owner Jason Wellemeyer graduated from Catholic Memorial and was a 4 year player on Babson’s lax team as well. The two launched PrimeTime Lacrosse a few years ago, and they have been featured as “America’s Top Young Entrepreneurs” in Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek magazine.

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VV Releases Spring Preview

I just found out that VV released their spring preview recently and thought to myself, “It’s way too cold… Spring can’t be that close.” But then as I was walking back and forth between academic buildings today and it was 60 and sunny, I changed my mind.

Overall, I dig the feel of this release. Nothing too flamboyant, but at the same time it stands out. It’s almost as if the clothing is shouting out, “Hey, I’m preppy, but I’m here to be casual!”

Check out the rest of the preview here!


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Mitchell Kelln of Portsmouth Abbey headed to Big Blue

The University of Michigan is going D-1 for lacrosse, and they reached into RI to pick up a new short stick for their program. Mitchell Kelln of Portsmouth Abbey will be headed to Ann Arbor after he graduates next year. Those Michigan/Ohio State battles should be a lot of fun.

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